Supply and Chemical

Compatible chemicals:

Any water dissolving chemical or material can be used with Fog ES100M mobile series. 

The ES100M series was developed and has been used for over 20 years to combat biosecurity issues for human applications, hospitals, pharma, and food safety.

There are many chemicals available that can disinfect and sterilize the environment without leaving any residue. The speed, coverage, and reliability make the Smart Fog system is the best choice for your disinfecting and sterilization needs.


Fog unique engineered droplets penetrate hard to reach surfaces providing 100% application success of the disinfectant. Both the targeted area and the HVAC system clean in one application.

Light Speed

Fog provides light-speed uniform coverage. The 100% evaporating achieved at velocity provides a vehicle in transporting the chemical equally to the entire targeted area.

No Damage

Fog system provides full coverage without harming or damaging the target surfaces. The proprietary non-wetting fog layer technology allows for precise control over the surface contact of the chemical with the surface.

Fully Automated

Fog ES100MC Series provides fully automatic humidification and disinfection process. The system allows for precise control with no need for calibration.

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