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COVID-19 has impacted our world like nothing else before it. Homes and businesses need cleaning and treatment to keep this problem under control. With a strong protocol and highly effective chemicals, we can help.

COVID-19 has quickly invaded our daily lives. It is dangerous and deceptive at the same time. It can survive on surfaces for up to 17 days and people infected by the virus don’t show symptoms until approximately one to two weeks after infection, making it difficult to track and contain. This is why it is important to have trusted professionals on your side who can perform biohazard cleanup and remediation services. We can provide cleaning and treatment services to help reduce the microbial load in your home or office. The AHKI Company follows all OSHA regulations, is certified by multiple organizations in the areas of mitigation and remediation, and strictly follows the most state-of-the-art procedures when it comes to disease clean up and sanitization. COVID-19 cleaning processes are being updated frequently because it is still novel, so we consult with Certified Industrial Hygienists and industry experts for up to date solutions. We utilize CDC approved and EPA registered chemicals in our cleaning and treatment process.



The AHKI Company is a diverse construction and facility management company. We have a specialized division of remediation that excels in providing highly effective and innovative solutions in a streamlined process to deliver the desired result in sanitizing and cleaning fungal, bacterial and viral contamination in buildings and vehicles. Our proprietary technology gives The AHKI Company the capability to sanitize affected areas quickly and easily, regardless of the size of the structure. Due to the efficiency of our system it is very possible to treat facilities that are 200,000 square feet or more in one day.

  • We have a variety of CDC approved chemicals that can be applied depending on what each affected building requires to be sanitized. We also have botanical solutions available for use in situations requiring special care.
  • Containment may need to be created to isolate building zones to allow for maximum efficiency and proper operation of the sanitizing equipment.
  • The application of the microfog solution does not produce any harmful odors.
    There are no projected issues with the supply chain required to handle the sanitization for any number of buildings.
  • The protocol can easily be brought to scale due to the efficiency of the equipment and our system. In most cases, no protective covering is needed during sanitization.
  • Areas to be sanitized must be vacated during sanitization process. It is preferable that buildings be unoccupied during sanitization. Reentry can occur within an hour of project completion.
  • The operation of our equipment does not require any special electrical power requirements. Standard 120v connections are adequate.
  • HVAC systems will need to be shut down during most of the sanitization, when possible. If it is not possible, we will employ a specialized protocol to handle spaces where the HVAC systems must be left on.
  • If preferred, we can provide industrial hygienists as needed for third party clearance.

Dealing with COVID-19 is an extremely serious situation and we understand that the health and safety of the people in your life are at risk. Don’t take any chances.

Call (540) 336-6079 and speak with Mary, the owner of The AHKI Company. We can schedule you with short notice and work off hours to assist you in handling this issue.

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Preventative Treatment Reduce the risk of contamination

Preventative treatment minimizes contamination with detailed cleaning using highly effective chemical solutions. Our preventative treatment includes applying a microfog mist throughout your space which utilizes the same technology used in hospitals and pharmaceutical labs to establish a ‘clean room’ environment. The microfog treatment is coupled with the cleaning of high touchpoint surfaces with another round of sanitizing chemicals.

Full Scale Treatment Clear out the contaminants

Full scale treatment is for spaces where known contamination is present or for a space where infected people have been. Our treatment for these spaces employs the microfog treatment along with detailed wiping as is included in the preventative treatment and also adds another microfog treatment at the end of the wiping process. Hydroxyl generators and ozone generators may also be deployed depending on form and function of the space. This treatment assists in sanitizing the air and all surfaces on a deep level.

Reoccurring Treatment Keep your environment clean

These reoccurring treatments are designed to provide an effective and repetitive solution to promote a safe and clean environment for an extended period over weeks or months. Once spaces are sanitized, contamination can easily reoccur as people get reintroduced back into the space. Reoccurring treatments are our solution to help you maintain a safe and clean environment. These solutions are customized depending on the use and design of the space. Our certified consultants will provide you with a specialized plan upon request.

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